Grandma’s First Grandbaby Shower From: Flamingos, Poodle Skirts & Red Hots: Creative Theme Party Ideas

Surprise a grandma-to-be with a shower to equip her with all the items she’ll need to babysit her new grandchild.

Attach the invitation to a baby rattle and mail in a box lined with blue and pink tissue paper. Let your guests know the party is a surprise. Ask them to wear blue or pink—depending on their guess for the sex of the unborn infant. If you like, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of herself to use in a party game.

Decorate your serving table with a blue and pink tablecloth and napkins and include a few toys for the centerpiece. Cover a second small table to hold the gifts.

Serve tea sandwiches filled with flavored cream cheese that is tinted with pink or blue food coloring. Use a cookie cutter to cut them into the shape of baby bottles or diaper shirts. Cut petit fours into these shapes, as well, and ice with blue or pink icing. Serve pink-colored punch.

For a fun activity, play “Baby Gift Bingo”. Give each guest a blank bingo card and ask them to fill in the squares with items the future grandma might receive as gifts during the party. As the gifts are opened, the guests mark off items on their cards until someone gets a bingo. Or play the “Guess Who” game. Pass around the infant photos that your guests brought and let everyone guess which photo matches which person.

For favors, give each guest a sugar cookie that is cut into the shape of a baby bottle and decorated with blue and pink icing. Place in a clear cellophane bag and tie closed with blue or pink ribbon. 

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