Chinese New Year Party From: Flamingos, Poodle Skirts & Red Hots: Creative Theme Party Ideas

The Chinese New Year is celebrated at the end of January. The traditional colors for this event are red and gold to symbolize happiness and wealth. Place your invitation inside a red Chinese take-out box, along with a fortune cookie and mail in a box that is lined with gold or black tissue paper. Ask your guests to wear red. 

Decorate your serving table with a red tablecloth and a floral centerpiece, such as white orchids. Add accents of gold and black in the form of lacquered serving bowls and trays. Serve traditional Chinese food. And don’t forget to include fortune cookies. You can purchase these cookies with customized fortunes at specialty food stores or on the Internet. 

Play recorded Chinese music to help set the mood. Hang lots of Chinese lanterns from the ceiling and place red votive candles around the room. Tall bamboo plants are also a nice touch. 

For a fun activity, stage a dragon parade, using a hand-made paper dragon, or buy one from a party supply store. Hand out toy drums and gongs for guests to play while others parade around the room with the paper dragon. 

Post the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, along with the qualities that go with each one, and let guests guess which sign they were born under. 

For favors, give “lucky red envelopes” with a brand new $1.00 bill inside. 

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